Meet the Authors

We are excited to introduce the 2022 authors you will meet at the Northwest Ohio Teen Book Festival!

Thank you to all the authors & artists who are travelling near and far to tell their stories at the Northwest Ohio Teen Book Festival! The books below are the books we are featuring from each author, if you click on the featured book, you will be taken to a page that lists all of that author’s titles!

Be sure to register to meet the authors:

Read ” Remember When: On YA with Chelsea Bobulski” by Melissa Warner

Read “See You in Toledo, a Conversation with Author Jack Cheng” by Melissa Warner

Read “In the Realms of Fantasy (and more) with Cinda Williams Chima” by Melissa Warner

Read Cracking the Daigneau Code by Melissa Warner

Read “A Conversation with USS Doleski” by Melissa Warner

Read “On Night and Sun, with Jessika Fleck” by Melissa Warner

Credit Carly Gaebe Steadfast Studio

Debbie Rigaud

Read “Debbie Rigaud, Truly, Madly Middle School and YA” by Melissa Warner

Read ” Being ‘There,’ on Fifth Street and other places, with Kathy Cannon Wiechman” by Melissa Warner