How To Help

Are you interested in helping make the Northwest Ohio Teen Book Festival a fabulous day of books, authors, and love of literature for Northwest Ohio teens? There are many ways to get involved and help out! Consider chairing a committee, sponsoring, or donating to the festival, volunteering on the day of the event, or volunteering your services prior to the event.


If you are interested in volunteering to help organize the festival, or the day of the festival, you can use this form to let us know!

Committee Chairs

If you would be interested in chairing a committee, please click on the Committee Name and complete the email to submit your information.


How much financial support is needed?
Approximately $5,000 – $10,000 is needed for this event.  This budget covers:

  • Authors’ travel costs
  • Lodging and meals for invited authors and illustrators
  • Administrative/Office Costs
  • Publicity Costs

Individual Donors

You can donate via our Go Fund Me page. All donations are tax deductible! If you don’t want to donate through Go Fund Me, you can also contact us at

Why become a Northwest Ohio Teen Book Fest Sponsor?

  • This is a visible event – reaching throughout Northwest Ohio and the surrounding areas.  Partners will be clearly thanked and prominently displayed on all promotional and Festival materials. 
  • The Northwest Ohio community will benefit from the generosity & vision of those that believe this event is worthy of participation & support.
  • Partners will be helping keep teenagers reading for pleasure. Reading on their own benefits teenagers in many ways. It helps them develop stronger social skills, vocabulary and writing skills, and helps them to better understand & process more complex ideas. Reading also expands their ability to build knowledge overall – not just in subjects like English and language arts. Teens who read for fun are also better able to clarify their career goals and understand the consequences of risky behavior.
  • Partners will be seen as being supportive of literacy, the communities they serve, and the youth that are the futures of those communities.


BIBLIOPHILE LEVEL – $1000 and up
•    Name and/or logo and website link on
•    Prominent display of your company banner at the Festival
•    Highlighted display of name and/or ​logo on official Sponsor Boards
•    Name and/or logo on T-Shirts worn by all volunteers
•    Recognition in press releases and media coverage
•    Name and/or logo on all Festival posters
•    Company materials in book sale bags
•    Stage announcements 
•    Table signage at Author Book Signing
•    Name and/or logo on all Breakout Session rooms

BOOK LOVER LEVEL – $500-$999
•    Name and/or ​logo and website link on
•    Prominent display of your company banner at the Festival
•    Name and/or logo on T-Shirts worn by all volunteers
•    Name and/or logo on all Festival posters
•    Stage announcements
•    Name and/or logo on all Breakout Session rooms

BOOK WORM LEVEL – $250-$499
•    Name and/or logo and website link on
•    Name and/or logo on T-Shirts worn by all volunteers
•    Name and/or logo on all Festival posters
•    Stage announcements

AVID READER LEVEL – up to $249
•    Name and/or logo and website link on  

Recognition opportunities can be flexible to meet your needs!

Teen Advisory Council

Teens that would like to help make this the best Festival that it can be can volunteer to be part of out Teen Advisory Council. This group will help brainstorm great session ideas, activities, books/authors, and general details such as concessions, give-aways, crowd-control, etc.

We will set meeting dates to accommodate the teens’ schedules. To volunteer for the Teen Advisory Council, email us at